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The Trademark "Mello"drama between L'Oréal and Marshmello

Marshmello, the American DJ and electronic music producer, has recently approached the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, to stop the international cosmetics brand L'Oréal from using the trademark "The Marsh Mellow". L'Oréal was planning to launch its make-up related products under the name "The Marsh Mellow". But the masked American DJ has filed an opposition alleging that it is phonetically similar to his brand name and encroaches upon his natural zone of expansion covered by his own trademark.

Even though Marshmello currently has not launched any products in the same class of goods, has stated that in the future would sell health and beauty products, including make-up through related entities. Thus, Marshmello, under the "The Mello Brand" in the near future looks to establish a diversified commercial enterprise around his image.

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