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Trademark News Update (Jan 2021)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

  • Four get Arrested for Deceptively Using Jio Trademark in India

The Gujarat Police recently arrested four members at Surat who were selling wheat flour using the Jio Trademark. Reliance Jio, India's leading telecommunication company had filed a criminal complaint at the Sachin Police Station in Surat, after it came to their notice that the company named Ram Krishna Tradelink was selling wheat flour using Jio trademark. The police have taken action and after investigation arrested the sellers.

  • Nokia Files for "HMD Connect" Trademark at the EUIPO

HMD Global Oy, the Finland based mobile phone manufacturer, also branded as HMD and Nokia, has applied for the registration of the trademark - "HMD Connect". HMD Connect, a data sim service targets "international roaming" users and HMD Connect Pro aims at making sim management easier for international businesses. The current application has been filed under Nice Classification classes 9, 36 and 38 to include various forms of telecommunication services.

  • Samsung files trademark for UPC technology

Samsung, the South Korean MNC, has recently filed for trademark for Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra. The application mentioned features like Under Panel Camera Technology systems for smartphones and laptops. The Application was filed at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

  • "Celica" Trademark Filed by Toyota

Toyota, the Japanese automobile giant, has applied for registration of "Celica" trademark. The application was filed at the United States Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO). Toyota had used the name "Celica" previously until 2007 for its 2+2 sports coupés. But the company seeks to re-register the same trademark at the USPTO.

  • Ford Renews "Thunderbird" Trademark

Ford Motor Company, the American automotive MNC, has recently renewed its "Thunderbird" trademark with the USPTO. Ford's Thunderbird was started out in 1955 as a two seater sports car but later got modified into a personal luxury car. The recent renewal application also mentions that the company looks forward to bring out concept motor vehicles.

  • Shell Wins a Chinese Infringement Suit

The Infringing Products

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court has recently awarded 5.5 Million RNB as damages to Shell International and Shell China in a trademark Infringement Suit. The issue was with regard to the trademarks "Shell" and "Helix" (an automobile lubricant). The Court declared North Shell Company and Jianchi Company to have made joint infringement by using "Hliex" and "SheH" which are deceptively similar to Shell's trademarks. The defendants, however,, have filed for an appeal.

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