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What We
Stand For

Articles relating to law often tend to be formal, fancy and sprinkled with legal ‘mumbo jumbo’.



At IP MATTERS, we simplify complex topics of interest to make them accessible to all - with or without a law degree.

Here’s a quick peek at what we offer

IP101: Your first step towards getting introduced to IP Law! Explore essential concepts and must-knows, penned in a user-friendly language.

IP Articles: Taking it up a notch, these posts unravel the intricacies of the subject with some good old in-depth research work- perfect for knowledge-hungry readers.

IP News: Too much to catch up on, too little time? Our monthly news updates summarise the latest happenings in the field, without the information overload.


IP Facts: Fun factoids and tidbits that capture the fascinating (and sometimes, funny) side of IP Law.


IP Cases: These posts unpack landmark disputes and legal showdowns relating to IP Law from various jurisdictions.

IP Reviews: Fresh on the block, these posts dissect scholarly works that caught our eye and are an entry point towards academic research.

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