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The New York Intellectual Property Association Awards an Indian-American Scientist

Dr.Rajiv Joshi, the Indian-American scientist, who has over 250 patents under his name, has secured the 'Inventor of the Year Award' by the New York Intellectual Property Association earlier this May. Dr.Rajiv Joshi works for IBM’s Thomson Watson Research Centre, New York. Dr. Joshi is a graduate from IIT Mumbai and has pursued his Masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Further, he has also completed his Ph.D. from Columbia University, New York in the field of Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering.

He was chosen for this award for his contribution towards advancing artificial intelligence (AI) in the electronic industry. Some of his works include machine learning techniques for predictive failure analytics, high bandwidth, high performance, and low power integrated circuits and memories and their use in hardware accelerators, meant for AI applications. He was presented with this award through a virtual award ceremony hosted by the New York Intellectual Property Association.

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