News Updates (Feb and March 2021)

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

1. India ranks 40th among 53 nations on the International Intellectual Property Index

On 23rd March, the U.S Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) released its ninth annual International IP Index as intellectual property (IP) takes the centre stage in combatting the global pandemic. The Index evaluates the IP framework in each economy across 50 unique indicators which are believed to represent those economies that have the most effective IP systems. The categories of protection vary from patents, trademarks, copyrights to enforcement, commercialization of IP assets and the ratification of international treaties.

As per the Report, India scored 38.4 out of 100. The overall score has increased from 36.04 percent (16.22 out of 45) in the seventh edition to 38.46 percent (19.23 out of 50) in the eighth edition. According to Patrick Kilbride, the senior vice president of GIPC at the Chamber, India registered the second-highest grow