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Patanjali Loses Coronil Trademark

Image released by Patanjali on Twitter

Madras High Court has recently passed an interim order against Patanjali Ayurved Limited, an Indian consumer goods company, restraining it from using the trademark "Coronil". Patanjali had launched "Coronil" as an immunity booster for Covid 19 in June, 2020. In the light of this, a Chennai based technology firm, Arudra Engineering Private Ltd. approached the Madras High Court and filed a trademark infringement suit against Patanjali.

The Chennai based firm, being the registered proprietor of the trademarks ‘CORONIL-92 B’ and 'Coronil-213 SPL',approached the court for trademark infringement after Patanjali announced its product "Coronil tablet". Arudra Engineering Private Ltd. argued that it had registered its trademarks "CORONIL-92 B" and Coronil-213 SPL in 1983 for acid inhibitors used for industrial purposes and has also been renewing the trademark since then. Hon'ble Justice CV stated that the two marks were confusingly similar and thus passed an interim order restraining Patanjali from using the tern "Coronil".

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