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Trademark Filing Pattern – 2018

According to WIPO Facts and Figures-2019, China’s Trademark Office accounts for more than 51% of total trademark filings (7.4 million applications) in the globe. It is followed by United States of America by 4.5% (640,181 applications), Japan by 3.6% (512,156 applications) and Europe (392,925 applications) and Iran by 2.7% (384,338 applications) each. The rest of the countries collectively amount to 35.1% of the total trademark filings. If general filing trends in different continents is observed, Aisa leads the list. India is ranked at the 6th position by recording 342,698 trademark application filings, seeing a growth rate of 20.9% from last year.


Wipo Facts and Figures- 2019, available at:

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