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Unique Patent Inventions (Part 2)

  • Apparatus for Facilitating Childbirth by Centrifugal Force

We start strong with the 1963 patent for an invention claimed to help childbirth by utilizing centrifugal force. The said patent was granted to George B Blonsky and Charlotte E Blonsky by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The apparatus would rotate a pregnant woman due to deliver in a circular motion creating enough force to facilitate the delivery of a child. The inventor duo got their inspiration from a zoo where Elephants adopted a similar, yet mild technique during delivery.

  • Mustache-Guard

This unique contraption designed to protect men’s mustaches was developed by Reuben P Hollinshead in 1890. The inventor claimed that the contraption helps in preventing annoyances for heavy mustached men while consuming liquids. The invention is meant to be worn in a similar fashion as that of a face mask, except the material in consideration is metal. This patent was further referred to in another successful application called Mustache-guard working in a similar manner.

  • Substance Dispensing Headgear

This invention is fairly new, developed in 1998 by Randall D. Flann, it remained protected up until 2018. The invention is supposed to take the look of a beer barrel and is meant to be worn as a headgear. The tap placed at the edge of the invention helps the retrieval of any substance being carried inside the invention. The cap portion of the invention is to be customized for each user according to the size of their head.

  • Fire Escape with Wings

Famously named “Fire Escape”, this invention was developed by Pasquale Nigro in 1908. The invention is to be worn like a coat in the circumstance of a fire. The same is designed to have long wing-like flaps that would help the trapped person to escape from any height. The invention, due to its wings, was claimed to enable a person to fly. Its workings are similar to that of a parachute.

  • Man-Catching Tankṣ

This unique invention is meant to be placed in banks or alike places to aid in handling situations of burglary. It was invented by Valinski Stanley and was granted protection by the USPTO in 1921. This elaborate contraption has view holes for guns, wheels for steering, ventilation, and SOS features among many others. It was meant to capture armed men without physical human intervention. These hubs were to be inhabited by the watchmen, who would be expected to steer the invention and capture the delinquents.

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