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Universal Music Group Enters into an Exclusive Global Distribution Deal with Punjabi 'Desi Melodies'

Universal Music India (UMI), a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's leading music company, has entered into a partnership deal with Desi Melodies, a popular Punjab based music company. Desi Melodies, known for its contemporary Punjabi hits like ‘Filhall’, ‘Coka’, ‘Kuch Bhi ho jaaye’ and ‘Tod da e dil’ and Bollywood hit records including; ‘Pachtaogey’, ‘JinkeLiye’, ‘Teri Mitti’, ‘Mann Bharya’, ‘Kya Baat Ay’, ‘Naah’, ‘Laare’, ‘Dance Like’ and ‘Maastaani’, has now agreed for an exclusive multi-year global distribution deal with UMI.

The agreement includes an exclusive distribution rights of all audio recordings owned by Desi Melodies. The audio recording will include past releases, future non-film releases and all other projects. This new partnership would provide multifaceted, global support and distribution of audio catalogue for Desi Melodies and would further enable future releases with support from UMG partner labels around the world. The new global distribution deal is a major move in the Indian music industry, as the transaction is likely to open up the reach to wider, global audience.

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